Friday, November 18, 2011

The 'Judas Complex'

As I sit here at my desk listening to a song I wrote several months ago for little Eden - my new daughter - I am reminded of all that God has overtly done for me and my family.

He has so abundantly blessed me in umpteen ways. From a calling to the pastoral ministry, and that in the service of the greatest church family on the globe, to a wonderful wife and three precious little girls, God has truly showered His blessings on me!

My theology compels me to insert that tribulation and trials and persecution await me...and they do feature, and may well overcome all this for a season or the entirely of my time this side of glory, but my experience at the moment, if 'bottled' and given the erroneous stamp of 'one size fits all' would compare with the prosperity heresy!

So gracious has God been to me!

Even down to the home we enjoy, the car we have been blessed with, my guitar, food sufficient for the family...and delicious in that, awesome friends - here and abroad.

This note is somewhat scatter-brained and my purpose may seem strange, perhaps, to some, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who has this dark cloud, of which I will now speak, over his or her head which I have here called the Judas Complex! If that is plagiarised, I sincerely don’t recall where I heard it!

This is the mentality that says/thinks; ‘It’s just a matter of time before you mess it all up!’, 'Come on Glen, who are you kidding? You don’t have the character to sustain what God has given you! You are and will always be a looser – a problem, you’ll see! You know it...think about your temptations and sins and the gravity of the potential evil you could fall into...just wait - you will prove to be a betrayer of the Lord Jesus.'

In short, ‘in due course you will find it to be so that (given the spread of disciples) you get to be Judas!’

‘Not Peter, not not you...Judas is your card!’

‘You’re the runt of the litter, the dud etc.’

Now before someone sends me to a that’s going to help! Or a BA (Baptists Anonymous) meeting let me say that God is bigger than this silly - this stupid - this pathetic and utterly ridiculous rubbish!

His love is eternal and so is His gift of salvation and so the preservation of His own!

To hell with the devil!!!

I mean that absolutely other words, 'get behind me Satan!'

God has given me a 16 years walk with Him that, although peppered with failure and almost every sin imaginable in my disgusting and wretched heart, has proven to me one thing, to say the least, and that is that He is faithful...infinitely so!

I don’t have to fail! He who is able to keep me from stumbling and present me blameless with great joy on that day indwells me! I can’t do it! News flash! No one can! Only He is able to carry me all the way to the finish line! And He will...and even if I blow it hook, line and sinker...nothing can dissolve the eternal life that is mine in Him!

Of course there are false professors who prove to be so over time, but I know I love Christ!

I know He is my life, my all in all...and this alone by His sovereign grace and favour toward me!

I once was blind...O how blackened was my hellish heart...I hated God and all that represented Him to me. This is not true of me now! He changed me...gave me a new heart...wrote His Law on my heart and mind...O how I love that Law!!! I delight in the Law of God in my inner man...impossible for the old me! I know I'm now a God lover by His own doing...unchangeably so!

Nothing can separate me from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus!

Stuff this stupid 'Judas Complex'!!!

Sorry I said 'stuff'! No other word carries sufficient emotional weight right now to capture my utter disgust of the madness of it!

I don’t know if I am even making sense right now...but let me land on a high note...God is awesome, perfect, beautiful, forgiving, slow to anger, holy, a consuming fire, and full of compassion and sympathy toward His children and their struggles!

I love you Jesus Christ my Lord and King and Saviour and Darling Bridegroom!

I will keep trying to love you more and more and your people too and to win sinners to Your worship and Kingdom!

All this by the power you supply alone...for unless you build the house, fight the battle etc. all is hopeless! O but You do build, fight, supply and sustain!

Hallelujah! What a Saviour!!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Angel and the Little Scroll!

The Revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ is fast becoming, for me, the most exciting book in all the sacred volume!

The highly symbolic apocalyptic genre, in which these brilliant, radiant visions are wrapped, is a joy to unfold indeed.

The key thing being, I believe, the phrase, "in the spirit".

Not only does John see a vision...this he does – and, in that, many of them. But he takes part in the very fabric of these marvellous moving pictures. He becomes an actor in the story line of this final volume of Holy Writ.

This is vital in our appreciation of this pristine, prophetic epistle because it will iron out some of the creases of erroneous, speculative exegesis pertaining to the Revelation needing to be taken as literal.

John literally sees and experiences everything exactly as he says (writes) it. That is a given. But these visions of which he is himself a character must be interpreted in light of their intended associations. Rooted deeply and richly in the Old Testament Scriptures, Revelation draws its contentual imagery from the vast and rich sum of ancient sacred soil.

The first audience would immediately have grasped this.

The section we unpacked this Lord's Day past was chapter 10:1-11. Connected, of course with all that has gone before it, especially with respect to the 8th and 9th chapters, as well as leading on, in its meaning, to what follows, this section gives us none other than a re-affirmation of the Great Commission given to John on Patmos so as to encourage this suffering but stalwart saint of God to get up and get going again in the very purpose for which he was exiled in the first place...the testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ - that is preaching the gospel!

Not only will John derive comfort from this portion, and that, again, to preach Christ risen and coming again, but each and every one of his audience, then and now, who too suffer for their faith will and must so draw from this holy spring sustenance and strength to ‘surf the prophetic wave all the way to the shore line’.

And so, in our text, Christ comes to John in the form of a mighty angel. (Either this is Christ or an actual angel - either way he, at very least, acts the part of Christ...note the descriptions he carries!) ‘Wrapped in a cloud’, ‘face’ shining ‘like the sun’, ‘rainbow over his head’ etc.

All of this is meant to bring our hearts and minds to familiar Biblical imagery!

Furthermore, this ‘mighty angel’ has a ‘little scroll’ (now called ‘little’ in contrast to the gigantic angelic holder thereof) in his right hand...not closed but opened! I wonder why…not!

Chapters 6ff tell us why. Christ, the Lamb/Lion took the seven-sealed scroll and, with specific reference to the conquest of the cross, has become worthy of opening its seals, all seven of them!

God's entire redemptive purpose is here meant and this is only possible by the life, death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour!

So He, Jesus, rides off ‘conquering and to conquer’ (white horse)! This then leads to all manner of suffering unique and general that the Church must expect as par for the course.

Chapter 7 sends our minds to the positive protective side of this coin, the Church militant being sealed on their foreheads, and ends with the Church triumphant in glory resting, at last, in her Bridegroom’s arms.

Chapter 8 brings us back to the beginning of the New Covenant age with all the prayers of the saints, perfected by Christ’s intercession, ascending into the very throne room of God.

These are not only answered by God in powerful ways, but used of Him, as instrumental agencies, in the unfolding of His eternal redemptive and damning decree. From these prayers and in direct association with them come the seven trumpets of judgment...judgment, yes, but not final least not until the seventh of these is brought to the fore (11:15ff).

These destroy ‘a third’ of the different parts of the universe and are given as parables of perdition so as to call the wicked to repentance...thus enhancing their culpableness if unheeded.

We must discern herein all the suffering of the wicked as coming from God Himself, without exception, as ‘mini-hell's’ until the real deal hits like a bare fist in the resurrected faces of the impenitent.

God is calling to repentance, with arms wide open, all sinners who will hear...this He does in these terrible, but not final, parabolic foretastes of wrath! (See Rom 1:18ff).

Chapter 10 then brings with this mighty angel (Christ - I believe) the oath to the Father (representing the Trinity) that there will be no more delay! Next in the chronological clock is chapter 11:15...however this is yet a little while least as far as content and imagery goes. But the next aspect, unless the angel is ‘telling tales’, is the final judgment (the seventh trumpet).

Something important, however, remains to be said before this culminatory act of God in the Second Advent and judgment therein. This is to, quite simply, push 'pause' as it were, and that so as to call John to ‘go, take the scroll’ (once sealed, now fully opened - describing the seals and trumpets) and to ‘eat it’ (digest it fully himself), and then to ‘prophesy’ it!

This is none other than a re-enactment of the Great Commission that John had been party to receiving so many decades before, this time from the now (then) perspective of this struggling and frail apostle.

He is re-commissioned!

We are herein too re-commissioned!

Whenever we are feeling at the end of our rope…no matter how much we are suffering, this is to be interpreted as normative Christian experience!

Our prayers are heard in our trials and persecutions and even used of God in the unfolding of His eternal decree. The trumpets are how God answers and stands up for His bride against her enemies this side of the Grand Finale!

We must preach this!

This alone is Christianity!

Tell the Church what to expect and what to do in the face of suffering...that is, to get up and get going! God is yet your strength and shield!!!

Tell the devils people (all non-Christians) that all their suffering is from the hand of a very involved and blatantly busy God!

Whether He uses Satan (Job) or other demonic agencies, or people - ultimately all are His servants!

With all this right interpreting of life to the world remember all the while that ‘the gate is narrow’ and most will still reject God and curse Him to His face! That is not our problem ultimately...our business is to be faithful!

On the day of Judgment all these will not only have to give an account for their association with, and part in, the sin of our first parents, and that in the fall; not only will they have to explain their wholesale embrace of their sinful nature; not merely of all their actual sins committed in this life; not only will they have to answer for their further denial of God, albeit having heard and supressed the trumpets of general revelation in their every ounce of pain and torment throughout this life; but, more so, they will be irreparably culpable in that they have heard the preaching of the Word (little scroll) that explains God's calling to them in all their experiences and that in the view of Christ and His accomplishment on the Cross!

This, I believe, is the meaning of the angel and the little scroll!

What a glorious text indeed!

Preach it to everyone!!!

"You must again prophesy about many peoples and nations and languages and kings."

God be praised completely!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Next year stuff!!!

I'm excited...a little nervous too, about what next year has for us as a church family.

I think this year ahead is going to be full of joy and growth in Christ. I pray this will be so.

God has given to each of us at KBC a loving and real Christian family. I can say, honestly and without fear of contradiction, that I love these precious people - the members of Krugersdorp Baptist. 

Sad times are ahead too.

Michael and Stacy Lear, with Antje’s and my 'guard' child, little Jonathan, are leaving us to embark upon a ministry in Scottsville, Pietermaritzburg. They are such an asset to us here and will be sorely missed. But God is on the throne! Scottsville Baptist is in for a tremendous blessing indeed.
We have a new deacon...Alan Krause. Alan has joined the others (Peter Gilbert and Alex Gasser) and that as a true and Biblically defined deacon.

Jeremy Pointer, a dear brother, is in the process of steadily readying himself, in every way, to join me (God willing) in the eldership. Lord willing we will have a plural eldership again soon into the New Year.

Vince Krause will begin deacons training in February 2012. 

'Year for Life', after a brief 'sabbatical', will begin again next year. Zani Krause is our full time student. Quite a few others have expressed an interest in part time involvement. I would love to see everyone who is able benefit from this wonderful opportunity. 

While on the one hand I long to see all our members plug in fully to the life and bloodstream of our fellowship I am increasingly coming to realize that this must come from God at work within them and not from my 'rod' upon them! I must become a man of prayer. While preaching is vital, and exhorting with that...all is meaningless unless ‘bathed’ in the earnest prayers of God's church!

Christianity Explored will begin next year.

Instead of family enrichment courses running throughout, we will have 2 family first conferences…one focusing on marriage, the other on parenting.

Financial training will also become part of the fabric of our calendar.

The Wednesday night ‘School of the Bible’ will focus on an overview of the whole Bible. Not too hectic, not too deep, just a 'book a time' approach - so as to provide the big picture for all.

The 060 ministry will continue almost the same as before baring the fact that I will be heading it up personally.

We will also be starting up 'The Middle Ages', a ministry focusing on those between ages 30 and 60. This for the purpose of assuring that the middle ages don't become the dark ages! This will focus in on mid-life matters. It will be monthly initially and on a Friday night at the same time as the senior youth ministry. Paul David Tripp's 'Lost in the Middle' will provide guidance in the choice of our topics of discussion.

These are just random ramblings out of sequence and without being exhaustive.

Great news regarding a web-page...Jay-Jay and Melanie Stein have been working on this and, Lord willing, we will be officially on line as of next year. This will be a tremendous blessing!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!   

Monday, November 7, 2011

Blogging is for the birds...or is it?

It has been a while since I added to this blog.

The reason...a reaction to the rampant abuse of the social network!

Now all things of this nature are essentially neutral (even positive), but the foolishness that surrounds 'face book' and the like is rife in our least in some of my experiences with those involved therein.

It is amazing how my experience in pastoral ministry and counselling in particular has soured me to the potentially awesome opportunities that the internet affords the guarded and self-controlled!

On that much for my self-control!

Anyway…I have a fresh hunger for God and my ministry here at Krugersdorp Baptist Church. This I attribute to the ‘Spurgeon's Fraternal’ that I had, along with my fellow elder Mike, the privilege of attending last week. God so mightily used this time of mutual encouragement to enliven and stir my heart anew for the things that really matter.

Praise Him forever!

Not much more to say than that we must use all things God gives us for good, as He deems it, and not abuse the same for evil...deep!? Seriously...not so out there, but sometimes the simplest things are the most needed!

God be praised forever and with our all in all!

‘O Lord, I am a frail and tired fool. You are perfect in all Your uncreated, infinitely resplendent virtue. I love You in limping leaps of crippled ecstasy! Revive Your own!’


Sunday, July 31, 2011

All things for good!

This morning I began to preach through Romans 8:28-30, and I will be finishing that message tonight.

It is part 5 in a series entitled (within the larger epistle) 'Assurance of Glorification'. This particular message received the subtitle 'All things for good' - my points being 1. What bold statement does Paul here make? (V 28) 2. What evidence does he bring to the table? (V 29) 3. What practacle help does this give me? (Matt 6:19ff, Jas 5:10-11).

We saw that the definite group that the apostle has in mind have primarily two descriptions, namely, 'those who love God,' firstly, and then, 'those who are called according to His purpose'.

The latter objective truth is the reason and cause for the former subjective experience. We love Him because He first loved us! This love for God is, again, the subjective aspect that we must seek to either identify within ourselves or discover to be absent. Not to say that we love Him well or sufficiently, far from it, but that we are, with Paul, grieved and groaning and mournful about the fact that we don't as we ought!

Such is a manifestation of this love for God that all true saints should be able to identify within them!

These, as already stated, do so because they are called according to His purpose (eternal decree) and that has, implicitly, its basis as just that - His purpose alone!!!

We are not called according to His prescience (foreknowledge) of what we would do etc. But according to the purpose of Him who works all things according to the counsel of His own will always and without exception!

This then brings us to ask and so answer the question what does this ‘all things’ entail?

The context makes plain that it refers, firstly, to the sufferings of this life. Whether internal (7:24) or external (8:18, 35ff) - however you slice it - sufferings in every conceivable sense are meant.

This however does not limit the intent of 'all things' as some minimalist exegetes may assume. Each and every action, thought, word or aspiration of each and every creature, animate and inanimate, physical or spiritual, visible or invisible must be seen as included in this all-encompassing statement!

The occasion doesn’t limit the ‘clout’ of the theological truth drawn on to meet its specific end!

The all things then are just that 'ALL THINGS'!

God providentially oversees the unfolding of His eternal decree right down to the most evil aspects, and the most seemingly mundane as well. All this without being Himself contaminated in any way whatsoever by the evil therein or, in any sense, taking away the fact that the creature is fully culpable and accountable for his actions that He, the just Judge will hold him to, and call him to give an account for.

So all things work together for good! What is here meant by good? Simply Christlikeness as verse 29 expounds clearly!

Conformity to the image of Christ is the overarching and supreme goal of glorification and that all to God's glory alone! See Job!

By way of an explanation or so as to prove or provide evidence for the bold assertion above the apostle presents the ‘ordo solutis’ (order of salvation) which stretches all the way back to the eternal, intrinsic, free and sovereign love of God for some of Adams fallen race.

This is what the phrase 'those whom He foreknew' means. Not 'that which He foreknew' or 'those whom He foreknew would do this or that (believe/love Him etc.),' but those (themselves) whom He foreknew.

These He also predestined (all of them without exception) and that to be conformed to complete Christ-like-perfection. And incidentally, He will accomplish all His eternal will! (Dan 4:34-35). He gets what He sovereignly decrees!

These same foreknown individuals who have all been predestined by God unto complete Christlikeness He also (without dropping so much as one of them) effectually called…savingly granting faith, repentance, eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to respond favourably to His gospel call.

Every one of those foreknown, predestined to Christlikeness, and called ones say 'yes Lord' to His compelling call and are so (without exception) Justified on the basis of the true atonement of Christ. His righteousness is eternally and so irreversibly traded for their wretchedness by the ‘imputational’ swap that occurs the moment they, by grace, believe.

These foreknown, predestined to be fully Christ like, effectually called, and irreversibly justified ones - each of them, without any falling through the proverbial ‘cracks’, are also, from God's perspective already glorified. This has not yet happened in our lives and even in the case of our departed loved ones, who’s spirits are made perfect, this ultimate hope of glorification will only reach its apex at the second advent of our Saviour and Lord. Suffice it to say that this, as God has eternally planned/decreed/purposed it is as good as done!

All things work together to this ultimate and un-derail-able end of perfect Christ like holiness and glorification. This is progressively realized in the season of sanctification that precedes its fulfilment, but is only fully realized when we enter the judgment through the resurrection, that which itself presents, in our case, the favourable verdict of ‘not guilty’!

This is a tremendous basis and precious hope kindling promise for our glorification to come!

If we love God - as we all do who are truly His - then this is only because He first loved (knew) us! And if this be the case it is absolutely certain that He will perfect the good work He has unilaterally and Omni-potently begun in us (glorification)!

Salvation is all of God and all of grace!

What practacle lessons may now be gleaned?

Simply that if this is God's bent...His passion...His driving interest, namely our sanctification to the ultimate goal of our glorification (complete Christlikeness), then surely we ought to 'join' Him in His purpose to make us like Christ.

So let us not gather treasures on earth - at all! Even our families can be treasures in the wrong sense! Job's weren’t. He, while he had them, offered sacrifices faithfully on their behalf. He was a good dad! When God, through Satan, took them Job responded in a proper manner - the only proper manner! (I have no harshness in my tone as I write these sobering truths).

When we read James' account of Jobs life we may be surprised to find that his narrative may be used as an opportunity to show off the gracious dealings of God in the lives of His children! But if Christlikeness is in view...this apparent problem is quickly resolved.

God is more concerned about our character (Christlikeness) than our comfort (immediate), and more concerned about our holiness (Christlikeness, again) than our happiness (immediate). I add ‘immediate’ for the fact that ultimate comfort and happiness will be synonymous with the former virtues and even now, in part, somewhat coincide!

Let us set our minds on the things that God is after!

Let us give ourselves completely to this end alone!

And let us long for His coming and as it is written in the Revelation of our Lord Jesus say with the Spirit (who is constantly saying, even praying [Rom 8:26-27] to this end), "Come Lord Jesus!"

Praise God forever!!! He alone is worthy!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Indwelling Intercessor/Hear what the Spirit says to the Churches!

What a Saviour! What a God! Father, Son and Holy Spirit! I'm so glad He came to save me!

Yesterday morning I preached on Romans 8:26-27 which I gave the ongoing title, 'Assurance of Glorification' (part4 - this time) - subtitled, 'The Indwelling Intercessor'.

We looked at the fact that 1. We are weak and need help! 2. God the Holy Spirit comes to our aid! 3. God the Father always says 'yes' to the Holy Spirit's perfect prayers!

What blessed me was the fact that Paul includes himself in this honest acknowledgment of human weakness and all round frailty (Rom 7:24 continued really) and that even down to his prayers – the vehicle of expression with regard to all of life’s concerns.

If Paul was weak, as he was, and if this was okay, as it is (not an excuse to be lazy and passive – but perspective that ‘oozes’ comfort for the fact of its universal truth!) then little old 'I' am in good company for being weak too! Paul needed the prayers of his brethren, so do I etc.

Especially, and more honoring to the immediate context, however, Paul, the church in Rome, and all saints in all ages with them need the intercessory (prayer) aid of the almighty Holy Spirit.

Good news...He comes to meet that very need in our lives!

The very groaning’s that we experience, the aches and cravings - those heavenly aspirations for holiness and to be all that Christ has called us to be for Him and His glory - is proof positive of the Holy Spirits presence in our hearts!

But it goes further!

These self-same groaning’s are caused within our hearts (the arena of activity) by Him and ought to bring to the forefront of our minds the fact that He is about His holy business of ‘inter-Trinitarian-communion’ on our behalf.

He is praying to the Father for us!

Now these prayers, are they of a positive or a negative nature? Seriously the question is even silly because of the obvious answer - yet worth the time to highlight the obvious and so perhaps therefore taken for granted.

Let’s see, we are weak and need help. Otherwise stated we are insufficient, broken, leaking, flat (something less than sufficient) - He (God the Holy Spirit) comes to help (not harm) us!

It's positive!

More so, He intercedes for the saints (whom He has come to help!) according to the will of the Father (entire Godhead really) who is - by the way - "for us" (see verse 31)!

So what have we seen?

God the Father, obviously, says 'yes' to the very things He Himself wants (‘will of God’ prayers articulated to Him by God the Holy Spirit who is praying the Fathers will).

God the Holy Spirit cannot pray amiss! He never errs! He utters perfect prayers that the Father always answers in the absolute affirmative!

And now ‘connect the holy dots’...which are all ‘for’ and not against us!

These Holy Spirit prayed prayers are all for our good, help and, in short, becoming all that God wants of us - absolute conformity to the image of His Son!

Just this one text alone, if all Scripture besides were lost to us, would suffice for the thinking Christian to have absolute assurance of salvation!

We cannot ever lose our salvation!

We must rejoice in the assurance of Glorification that this Indwelling Intercessor doctrine brings in its wake!

Praise God forever!

Last night we summed up the seven letters to the seven churches of the Revelation (Ch. 2-3) and my message was entitled, 'To all pastors of all churches in all ages', subtitled, 'Hear what the Spirit says to the churches'.

The end of the matter came to us in the following questions being answered. 1. How does Christ want us to think of Him? 2. What pleases Christ? 3. What displeases Him? 4. What will be the outcome for those who refuse to heed His warnings? 5. What will be the outcome for those who overcome?

We had a heart searching time together and recommitted our lives individually and as a church family to His cause and glory alone.

The gist – worship Him in spirit and truth! Love God with all you are and have and your neighbour as yourself!

However you ‘slice it’ - authentic inside-out heart religion along with sound doctrine is absolutely vital. No compromise with sin ever! We need to learn to be righteously intolerant of sin in our own lives as well as the lives of others…patient, indeed, with penitent, failing brethren but disciplining impenitent pretenders promptly so as to guard the purity and holiness of the church of our precious Saviour.

We need a new fear of Christ in our churches!

“The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring every deed into judgment, with every secret thing, whether good or evil.” (Eccl 12:13-14)

All glory to Him and Him alone!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Come to Me...I will give you REST!!!

I have felt sick all week!

Since last Lord's Day I have been down with the flue, with the rest of my family. Our house has been a den of sniffles, groaning’s and short tempers.

My regular wake up times have gone for a loop and I have literally slept for about 9 hours each night...that is crazy long for me.

What’s the point in saying that?

Simply to lay a foundation for the fact that with this occasion of sickness and the excuse (legitimate or not) of sleeping in, my personal devotions have taken a back seat.

Sure I live in the 'guilt' charged 'forgive me' zone throughout the day due to this folly, but the fact still stands that I am not where I want to be in my fellowship with my Saviour and Lord. I find myself having little to say in times of ministry and counselling, I find myself detached in my studies and my wrestling with the texts at hand clinical and somewhat removed from a real investigation of the soul that I long for.

This is understandable of course and that for the simple reason that sickness does bring with it times of needed recuperation...but my mind also highlights the fact that many godly saints live, labour and die in a constant condition of pain and suffering.

What do we tell them?

“Never mind meeting with God!”

“He is difficult to fellowship with!”

“Just know He understands your struggles!”


“Sit back, suck up another DVD and seer your conscience!?”

Since when did praying, reading the Bible, listening to sermons, watching Christian DVD's etc. become such a challenge? At least the last illustration can compare to watching TV or a movie of a secular nature! But why is God not ‘fun enough’ (I mean this reverently) to merit a place in my ‘entertainment’ and relaxation and rest?

This is strange to put it mildly, wicked to say it straight!

I recall someone quoting someone else with these haunting yet extremely accurate words, "our congregations need our holiness!"

If this is so as it obviously is then when do we as ministers, as Christians irrespective, ever have a licence to play truant from deep intimacy and heart impassioned fellowship with the all sufficient, infinitely comforting, utterly rest causing Sovereign of glory?

I must come to the place, as it once was (first love stuff!!!), where God is my whole portion, my all in all, my hiding place and treasure and true relief from all of life’s storms!

May this challenge stir your hearts as it has reminded me of the things that really count!

God be our sustenance and our solace!